There’s no better way to start off any greeting than Hello!

I am a creative professional who lives and works in Toronto.  Over the last five years I have worked in administration for both the corporate and the non-profit media industries – I am fascinated by media.  I use this site mostly as a place to congregate all of my online work and content creation.

There are also links to companies and organizations  I’ve worked for in the past. I’ve been super lucky to work with amazing cultural organizations. In all cases I was not creating content for any of these employers – but instead facilitating content by ensuring event logistics, and administrative structures were created and maintained.

(By the way…Alliance Atlantis no longer exists – it was purchased by CanWest Global in 2008, however currently the channels I had worked for are once again being acquired, this time by Shaw Communications.  Interesting article here regarding the whole thing. Hence links to the channels I worked on instead of the larger broadcaster).

On the right hand side you will find links to  things I’m currently really interested in as well as all of the original content that I produce, represents me or I am associated with:

The Workrooms (formerly B is for Blog)


One World Glendower

The Millennium Network






Mobile platforms and how to tell stories in different mediums is a huge area of interest, as is Social Return on Investment (SROI) and how we build organic communities.  Where communication, commerce and community meet is where I place the emphasis of my personal media works.

I also lead my own band named ‘Sing Bandana Singh.‘  The music is a mix of early 90’s alt/rock with a heavy North Indian classical influence.  We have a  5 song EP slated for release in early 2011!  The songs are all original compositions written by  Sing Bandana Singh produced in part by FatLabs, Matt Speirs, Matt Matteer and Bandana Singh.

These are all projects that I am overseeing and loving every minute of it.

If you have questions or want to learn more feel free to email me! bsingh83@gmail.com


Artscape Gibraltor Point

B at the studio


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